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Our Dreams Are not So Different

These are my fragments. They exist because I am in them. I made them and shaped them and left my fingerprints within them. They hold my DNA and have been imprinted with marks that only I could have made.


They are tiny, some barely bigger than an acorn. Their size is their strength – making them a reflection of us all, as we engage in this life of such infinite dimensions: representing something small and fragile – they are a seed, an apple pip, a tiny bud of potential. They can endure centuries of great adventures before they will be fully worn away. They are partial whispers or glimpses of a person: from most angles just a small piece of stone barely identifiable from one you might find on a beach and therefore, easily overlooked. But from the right angle the face is there, a spectator in life, a travelling companion, a fragment of your imagination, a dreamer…. you?

Imagine, if you will, these fragments being transported around the world, into every country, through museums, parks, galleries, woods and deserts. They will have a ‘lived’ experience with you, a relationship of sorts. Think of the child who finds a small marble and treasures it: this tiny gem of hand-held joy, more precious than any plastic toy in the shop. The experience is real, visceral. It is about touch and about remembering, finding magic in the small things that we know, deep down, are the important things. Remembering the ‘little I’, bringing it to the front of the mind, remembering our infinite potential at the same time as our relative inconceivably tiny sense of self in the universe.  Remembering that we are all precious and that we are all born into a life we did not choose: that our dreams are not so different.

If you take one of these fragments, please record it in your daily life, in places you visit, in the hands of those you come into contact with, and in moments when it seems relevant to you. The journey ends when you give the work to someone else, when someone needs it more than you. When someone else needs to be reminded of their potential or given something small to roll in their hand and feel connected to that gesture of giving, and therefore to the world.  Perhaps you feel the need to leave your fragment in a place. That there is reason and resonance in the fragment belonging there – leaving a piece of yourself – or being excited by someone else discovering it – perhaps that small child who will notice the strange curve and will pick it up to ponder further. Imagine their face registering the form, wondering how this could have appeared. Could nature have carved it?


You are my lens. You are my transporter, my vessel for building a map of the world without ever leaving my house. You will capture my imagination and my heart with the photographs you take.

I will be journeying with you.