Exhibition day

Waking up in a beautiful house in Yorkshire today and sitting in the sunshine in the garden, I am left reflecting on my MA ending. I found this house on AirBnB (another tool of the 21st century which allows us into each others lives, into shared living spaces, into worlds we need to learn about). Everything seems to be about connection now. How I connect with the world and how I interact with it. What good can I do? Because making art is, for me, primarily, a selfish act. One that makes *me* happy. One that gives me comfort and an outlet for all those emotions that I don’t even recognise, perhaps those that only work sub consciously, even unconsciously. Everything is brought to the surface in making Art. Not necessarily immediately. Sometimes years later I’ll see, finally SEE what was going on: what I needed to process. The collaborations really make me feel that I connect with others -in a real way – and can give something to the wider world, beyond finished artwork.

So, tonight is the presentation of this work to the world – at least the actual ‘real life’ version, at Barnsley Civic Centre. The MA is complete. It has been one hell of a journey. Hard. Hilarious. Fun. Frustrating. Challenging. Ultimately so richly rewarding.  And my cohort: just fabulous! I have been so lucky. They have supported me through plenty of crazy times. Today is a celebration of those connections: of the comradeship and the scaffolding we provided for each other. For every silent crit, every lecture, every asynchronous seminar, every making day, every presentation and debate: THANK YOU. I have learnt so much from every one of you. 

Now let’s get out there and have solo shows at the Tate and the Serpentine! 


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