This is what I did

If you want a little peek into the process:

There was a lot of physical interaction with the processes, including using a fair few good hammers, and my fists clenched. Having said that, all of the aggression was directed at the clay/ceramic, and the remnants were all used, reincarnated. I was asked by course leader Caroling Wright, whether I would consider my relationship with the work to incorporate a type of ‘loving aggression’, questioning whether such a relationship was possible. I pondered for some time on this. The evidence is there in this video. I am both embracing and holding the work to me as a baby, and smashing it as an enemy. Thank goodness there are BEAUTIFUL and creative ways to explore our human emotions. I wonder whether it is the ultimate in healing activities. I would endorse it to anyone who is in need of an outlet. And I thank the policies of the Conservative party, Donald Trump, terrorism, war, abuses of all kinds, and lack of care for those most vulnerable in the world, for fueling this year’s work!

In fact, only about 50% of the work created has been exhibited. That is the reality of a group show, a limited exhibition space, and being over enthusiastic about making!

Here is a peek at the show:





And so lovely to finally meet the rest of the cohort… these guys! x






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