Sometimes you win….

In levering myself into being seen by the industry that is the Art World, I have been seeking opportunities to exhibit via open calls. I have had a little success in this recently and have a few possibilities in the pipeline. Currently my work is going to feature in the April edition of Average Art Magazine, a monthly alternative art magazine aimed at getting emerging artists under the nose of collectors and industry. One of my sculptures will also be promoted in August as part of the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2017
In addition to this I have entered work in a series of other open exhibitions and have been suggested contacts by my mentor Freddie Robins. There is a sense that it would be a real mistake not to springboard off the MA and into other exhibiting opportunities. I’m immensely lucky to be doing the course I am studying and to be working in ways that I am finding so fulfilling. I recognise that the hours I have spent doing this work can be used effectively in the future; making good contacts and seeking out places for my sculptures to be seen.

The future is going to be full of risks and possibilities. It takes guts to offer your work to someone else to put value on. It is important to accept this as just someone else’s opinion and that neither mine not theirs is necessarily correct. I’m feeling so fond of my current work that I can genuinely take a deep breath and put it out there. I no longer need the safety net of an exhibition close to home or near a fan base. In fact, the more I think of it, the greater the pleasure in finding that audience purely because they think my work is exciting. I have exhibited multiple times in various places. I have work in different parts of the world. But this, this is like jumping in the deep end of the pool. Will my feet touch the floor? Will I hold my breath for long enough? 

Let’s hope so! 


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