Weaving meaning.

Tomorrow I will be working inside the kiln. I won’t physically be inside the kiln but my sculpture will and I will be precariously balancing further work onto it. That is as far as I have planned. A cushion to kneel on and I’ll be set!

One element supports the next. Gravity, heat, the melting point of the glaze; all of these factors contribute to pulling the work together or, potentially, pulling it apart.

I am enjoying the freedom that comes from the absence of a plan. This freedom is slightly impinged upon by this bothersome upcoming exhibition, but the work will produce itself. If there is no end point I can basically continue to work until the van needs filling; even if this is filling the van with two sacks of rubble after a spectacular explosion! 

I am currently smashing up all sorts of ceramics. This includes pieces I am drawn to in charity shops and pieces I can let go of. I am constantly searching for the next way to damage old work to add breath to it; a ceramic CPR. Filling the work with fresh intensity can also be an ugly event which is another element I am embracing.

It is important to me not to keep anything for the sake of materialism, or because it appeals to me purely aesthetically. I need to feel something real and gutteral. I want to be submerged into a new, intense, complicated world. I want to be weaving meaning instinctively and approaching the design spontaneously. 

The piece above is actually constructed from three works including the piece below. 

Letting go of work is therapeutic in itself. I really need this in my life right now.


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