I can’t think….

Free me from this benevolent dictatorship. Work in progress. Ceramic and mixed media.

My brain is FULL OF ANXIETY FOR THE WORLD. It is full of headlines and images of that man. I’m absolutely full of dismay. Plato wrote that when citizens have enjoyed democracy for long enough, they could be persuaded to turn away from it. This is a reality and it scares me. I’m buying into the media hype, and hysteria. I’m obsessed by the marches and protests. I need to see them to have even a glimmer of hope, to believe that there are more people who believe in diversity than in building walls. Where is the global citizenship and love? It is, as ever, all around us. But divisiveness has never (in my lifetime) felt so overwhelming, so desperate. With so many of those who have, being prepared to risk so much for perceived ‘greatness’. There is no glory in racism and xenophobia. There is no pride in exploiting fear. There is no peace in building barriers, blaming faith groups, targeting mosques, telling people to f*** off home.

We are all home. The Earth is our home. We are Global Citizens.


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