Just a few photos and thoughts.

You don’t speak for me. Ceramic.

Untitled (currently). Ceramic

Untitled (currently). Ceramic

I can barely describe my excitement opening the kiln these days. What will I be greeted by? I’m loving this kind of outpouring of experimentation: though I am conscious that it comes from a place of a fair amount of experience. I am not completely blind in my trials. But I am allowing things to occur, pushing boundaries, allowing possible destruction, exploring paths I have previously avoided, working spontaneously and without any plans. And I’m really enjoying myself. So, I’d like to introduce you to my new baby:

He pretty much fell apart on the way to the kiln (this was unsurprising), but he is in the kiln and will be reincarnated if he doesn’t come through in suitably ‘physical’ form.

Another artist and I are hosting an event next week with the title “This Thing We Call Art” in which she will present some installations and I will work on a collaboration with anyone who joins us. There will be wine and laughter and photographic evidence. I can’t wait.

Precious gem of a piece on the kiln room floor (ideas for presentation: on crushed pottery? A ‘bed’of ceramic dust?) 


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