Masters Level Magic

I just ended a blog post with the words ‘and in this…..There is magic’ because I feel it accurately describes my wonder and amazement at creativity in general. I often jest with others when they are asking how the kiln works “magic!” because although it is very simply heat and chemicals, the combination of these is ……..Is there another word for? I’m pretty sure nothing describes it in such a way: the mystery,  bowing to forces and powers, change behind a closed door! Speaking of which….
My Pride group met last week. One of the group wanted to share their legal name change. Another announced that he had “finally” come out to his parents. There was such celebration. And at the time we were all using clay. I’m not saying it facilitated these offerings, but it was lovely to be so hands on with materials whilst sharing these emotional news flash moments. I spent the rest of the day on a high, making ceramics, building up new works, fuelled by joy for others, bathed in lightness.

The magic is real. It belongs to me. It is just my way of saying that I remain in awe of the artistic process on almost every level. It is my life companion…… And in this….. There is….


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