What going on?

So, one of the negatives of taking a part time course is when you have to miss the once weekly online hangout due to impossible work commitments. So, frankly I have no idea what went on this evening after I left the meeting. Other than that our cohort – with Mathew in the driving seat – put together a pretty awesome collaborative website: www.weareconnected.online 

What I DO know is that I’m having an amazing time working on a piece of ceramics. It is evolving most pleasingly, though I know I could push it too far at any stage! That is part of the exhilaration and experimentation. Holding my breath is becoming part of the work’s evolution. And as a piece falls off I am inclined to think ‘it’ wanted to. Let’s go with that shall we? 

I tell myself stories whilst I’m working on this. Today’s was about the American election and I was thinking about Meryl Streep’s award speech from yesterday. I was thinking about her words about performing and about abuse of power. I am in awe of Streep. Her performance in Bridges of Madison County took my breath away. I was so frustrated by Trump’s childish tweet in response to her criticism. How can this man become the most powerful single citizen in the world? 

So, I was taking my frustration out on the sculpture. We both benefitted. 

Ceramic vessel. Work in progress. 


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