Bare. Ceramic. Approx 70cm diameter. 

I have been working on a series of ceramic pieces combining themes from different strands in my practice. This collaboration used about 50 people making impressions into a slab of clay. I then continued to develop the impressions, ensuring that there were plenty of my own marks, including holes and tears. I then shaped the clay slab over a mould and worked on a smaller piece that had ripped itself away from the main body.  There is something grotesque and hypnotic about the work. The glaze refers directly to a fleshyness, to skin; it suggests life at the same time as certain death in the format it now exists in.

There is something about the title which has changed my mindset recently. My practice has increasingly become more about human anxieties and fragility – my own ‘wounds’. This piece is marked by numerous people who have ‘left their mark’ in the same way we alter people as we touch their lives. I will always be moved by the violent death of a former boyfriend, and feel that my study of psychotherapy, mindfulness and mental health has also been an avenue for me to acknowledge and articulate this emotional bruising. I am left with thoughts on the power of creativity to overcome, or at least assist in processing tragedy. I feel very much ready to explore this area now and I know that my collaborative work with those in vulnerable positions, such as the homeless and those in the hospice I volunteer as an artist in, will feed and shape my practice. It is an unveiling, I am sure. I am looking forward to being much clearer on the places some of these works originate.


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