Hi, I’m Emma and I’m….



During a fantastic lecture given by Harriet Loffler, (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Norwich Castle and Art Gallery) we were asked to introduce ourselves briefly. I talked about my practice and my collaborations and my love of working in tandem and of making work others can take on a journey and of unfamiliar marks. But, more importantly, I DIDN’T MENTION THAT I AM AN ART TEACHER! I ALSO DIDN’T MENTION BEING A MOTHER. Not that these aren’t intrinsically part of who I am, and parts that I am extremely proud of. But in the context of who I am as an artist, these factors shape my ideas but not necessarily my identity. Whilst Harriet started her lecture I was smiling. This is REAL. You, Emma, don’t need the scaffolding of being an art teacher to describe your practice, in fact the two things are quite independent; though they may cross and overlap.

Harriet’s lecture was extremely insightful. Her experience of working with a range of artists and of curating numerous exhibitions gave us insight into the experience of creating such diverse exhibitions; including the work of Hubert Duprat, 400 years of British Art as a co-collections exhibition, and the British Art Show 8. The word choreography stands out in my notes, and the idea of ‘knowledge production’, marrying the needs of the artist and the institution; such as how people move around the space and engage with works. Harriet answered all of our questions about interaction with curators and getting work shown. She has given me plenty of food for thought.


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