Come on over and paint!


Bringing the gin and art together at this awesome party in Camden, this was a fortieth party with a difference. When you mix someone’s two loves, and persuade their closest friends to enjoy both with them, the result is something quite wonderful: if entirely abstract. With each participant working on their own canvas and then collaborating on a large canvas, we were all very much part of a ‘happening’. The gin was flowing, the music was blasting, the Charlie Chaplin movie was playing in the background and we were all thoroughly absorbed in being ARTISTS.


In a sea of plastic covering every surface in the venue, we all worked in a variety of different styles, every now and them realising that we were so absorbed the entire room was silent except for the music. This was something quite unexpected. I turned around and noticed that there was a row of people all fully immersed in their painting, all looking down, silent, concentrating. Three people told me that they had not painted since they left school and that they had enjoyed it so much because it had reminded them of the simple pleasures of making something. One told me that she was going to start taking painting classes.



I couldn’t help but think that the art was around us, amongst us and, noticeably ON us. The control freak in me was trying my hardest to live in the moment and not worry about the person who might walk oil paint over the uncovered parts of the floor. There was a slowing of breath, there was a silencing of chitter-chatter, there was a pleasure in the movement of paint against canvas, and of seeing an idea come to life.



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