Feeling the monochrome


Over the last few days I have been in discussions with other artists about my work and the collective and collaborative nature of it – also of what elements of it may be considered exploiting the work of others, those ‘unfamiliar’ marks that I have become addicted to. I have searched for exchanges and discussions about the nature of creativity and of tandem drawing and have relished these opportunities. I asked my students to create a series of six photographic and digitally manipulated images loosely related under the title of Identity. I told them that I would do the project with them. This is the connectivity still in action. I was then able to demonstrate the relevance of working with found images, artist and appropriated imagery, exploring the balance between sharp contrasts and pixelated media, working exploratively between layers. For me, part of the enjoyment of the process is in being surprised, finding something I didn’t even know I was looking for. By inverting one layer of the design it can effectively become something completely new.

I will potentially print these as large images once I have decided they are complete. The images can then be drawn onto/painted into with a variety of materials.


They utilise old and new work, bringing together text and drawings from sketchbooks I have been working on for some time, yet updating the imagery and finding new ways to explore it.

I have also contacted Suzette Clough (author of ‘Visual Medicine’) and hope to meet with her or attend one of her workshops within the next few weeks. She was very inspiring during my Y2 work and I enjoyed reading her book. Contact between us was brief but I feel that it is important to revisit this and to meet in person to further explore this area of art and healing.


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