Painting the sunshine in.

The hot weather recently has inspired me to complete this painting in my garden. It measures 240 x 170cm and is such incredible fun to work on. It was previously a self portrait hence the frame, but my journey over the last twelve months thinking about abstraction and mindfulness drew me to exploring a different kind of self portrait. This is more ‘me’ than anything visually realistic!  It is nearly complete and will then go on temporary exhibition in one of the boarding houses at school until I arrange for it to be exhibited in a more public venue. 

Knole Park 240 x 170cm

I cannot describe the pleasure of painting in this style. It fuels my passion for making. It is pure, undiluted joy. 


2 thoughts on “Painting the sunshine in.”

  1. it looks so vibrant, full of life and fun! It´s really you as I know you!
    The blue lines remembered me to a Hockney´s Ipad drawings – it will be wonderfull to see you all again! greatings monika


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