Blank canvas


The culmination of my abstract and collaborative drawings and paintings this academic year (note, not in any other sense) must be the request for me to paint a stage for the production Norse by Jim Grant. The option to paint it as an abstract and to bring hints of the theme of the play into it (mythology, a tree, a sense of other worlds etc) was one which I felt was equivalent to working on a giant canvas –  a Frankenthaler ‘room’ whereby we would be painting the walls, the floor, into the audience area and so on. The play will be performed next week and I will undoubtedly be posting some photographs of this ambitious piece of work. Collaborating with Tyga Helme and Corissa Collier has continued to be a great privilege and an enormous joy – even if we have been painting over each other in a rather manic visual conversation.  Art work will be seen by numerous audiences once we complete the work. Time scale is an issue. We are also to be accused of bringing our own concept to the task, which, I have heard, is NOT what directors actually want. But, on the back of it, I have been asked to work on another production! Ha