Collaboration time…



You cannot be more public about your art work than by presenting to a captive audience – and that is what I did this morning. In front of some 350 students (it would have been more but some were in exams or on study leave) I offered up collaboration within this Fragment project in order to try to get volunteers to take these small porcelain pieces around the world, to interesting places, to document the journey and to leave them for other people to find. Remembering Les Bicknell’s words that the art teachers are the ‘mavericks of the school’, I took to the stage with a message of communication,  symbolism, fragility, being touched in literal and metaphorical ways by the world around us, by what we see and hear and feel: that our experience of being tiny in the universe, is shared, and that by touching other lives positively we leave our own mark. I got a round of applause, but so do the teenagers who stand up for one minute to advertise a bake sale. The true test will be to see how many people sign up for travelling one of my fragments around the world.

Four volunteers thus far!




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