Infiltration – Testing My Boundaries

On the 2nd April I painted my son and we visited the Tate Modern. This is significant in that it was a central part of my plan in terms of ‘exhibiting’ within the Testing project. I may have infiltrated but will list the Tate Modern as a location in which I have had a temporary exhibition/installation. My son was absolutely perfectly spontaneous in his movement around the galleries, stopping in front of various works and pausing for long enough for me to record. He stood for about five minutes as still as he could alongside the Gerhard Richter’s, with a number of visitors glancing at him to check that he wasn’t an official exhibit.


This was the venue of choice for our first infiltration.


Whilst gaining a few interested glances from adults, it was almost exclusively the children who actively stared at this ‘exhibit’. Their honesty in thinking that something was uncomfortably different or unusually fascinating contrasts with the more common adult response of feeling it is rude to stare. This was interesting to observe in a place where people are generally staring at everything.


Naum Gabo’s Kinetic Construction with Emma Delpech’s I Made It







What a ridiculous and exhilarating experience. Just the start of the infiltration I have planned.


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