I Choose You

This morning I gave away 13 pieces of work on paper.

Eleven of these were chosen by my students and will be sent to them in the post. Two were chosen by colleagues. I am delighted. Everyone is a winner. The act of giving work away is very humbling and powerful. It is, in essence, giving a little piece of me to each of the recipients. Yesterday I also posted two works on paper to a friend who wanted to put them into a raffle to raise money for sufferers of Asthma. That makes it 15 works given away in 24 hours. I feel that the next collection of work should be given away to strangers. I’m enjoying recording the work in the recipients’ hands. This feels a simple way of expressing the nature of it being a gift.


6 thoughts on “I Choose You”

  1. Hi Emma – have you heard of the “Papergirl” project? It started in Berlin I think, but I took part in one in Blackburn. Basically, a bunch of artists donate work, which is then given out at random on the streets by people on bikes… I donated a series of 10 or 11 prints from a narrative series, so different people will own a page of that story (or tossed them in the bin, whatever). I sometimes think what will have happened to them…


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