I really needed to draw today. Needed in the sense that one needs to yawn or stretch: a simple, immediate impulse which I was fortunately able to accommodate.  ‘The View From Here’ took little fragments of the environment around me (a hairline, shape of a hand, angle of tilted face etc) and sketched each for only a few seconds, allowing my graphite stick to move freely around the page.


                The View From Here
      Graphite on paper.  30 x 42 cm


                        Sleep Tight
            Ink on paper.  30 x 42cm

‘Sleep Tight’ is a sleeping figure wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by nightmares. When studied carefully you can find creeping fingers, screaming faces and uncontrollable vines and threads which tie the unconscious figure down. During a week when I have had vivid (though not frightening) dreams, and disturbed sleep, it seemed to come very naturally. I am pleased that it works well landscape and portrait. The figure is more easily identified portrait but I prefer the background to have the sense of being a location. A dreamscape.


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