Painting multiplication and radical changes in direction.


Radical shifts are necessary. After a very thought provoking tutorial last week I decided that I needed to shift gear in a number of ways. Embracing abstraction is definitely key in this. I have been mulling over an enormous painting which I have spent time working on recently, and I decided that I was too busy trying to invent ‘object’ within it, moving away from abstraction and into illustration. Irrespective of the bright palette, I felt that I could make much more realistic and genuine progress if I broke the canvas apart. I described it as my enormous canvas ‘giving birth to’ around 20 smaller pieces. I folded these around boards. The work was cut up methodically to avoid me looking for specific representational imagery to incorporate within any smaller canvas. Each already has a voice. I may or may not fine tune this.




And the irregular shaped ‘remnants’….



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