Claude Heath Drawings and work in progress

DSC_1160-2 DSC_1159-2 DSC_1158-2

DSC_1157-2 DSC_1156-2

I have made these backgrounds for drawing work. I may need to obliterate more of the dark colours so that the drawing will have more ‘breathing space’. I was recently reading about Claude Heath’s drawings and work in a variety of materials.

claude heath

Claude Heath

“The issue was how I was to draw without being compromised by anything that I might have already known about these objects [..] I would shift the position of my object, and alter the choice of medium, so that I would not relapse into drawing too much of what I knew. By placing a piece of Blutac on the sheet, this would act as a starting point. First green, then red, and finally black biros were used, on sheets of paper big enough so that I would not easily run into the edges of the paper. [..] All of this had the effect of mixing chance and order in a way that allowed neither of them to dominate. Working in this way, I was able to arrive at places that I would not have been able to reach otherwise, and which were interesting to me visually. Sometimes it was also like looking at my own work as if it had been made by someone else.” C Heath

My paintings were completed quickly. I allowed myself only to dribble the red paint onto the boards, and gave myself less that 1 minute per board with the white paint. This was to prevent me being too rigid with the approach I was taking. These probably need another layer of paint which lightens the surface before I work on each as a drawing surface and explore the use of a range of materials to draw portraits and self portraits. I will, as demonstrated in the image below, be following the process of drawing without looking at the image. I completed the image below in only a few minutes and was immediately aware that in introducing additional layers and drawing for a longer period of time (SLOWING DOWN) that it would add to the exploration of the relationship between tactile and imagined information being converted into visual information.


EBD Self Portrait


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