Exploratory Bases


Looking through a pile of books and thinking about the Exploratory Project; painting and drawing in an expressive way. Absolutely loving the imagery and the possibilities.




Keeping on the challenge or exploring with a limited palette I am sticking to imagery which I have already produced on the course, but which I have converted into black and white. I took some time changing the exposure of the original imagery in Photoshop, strengthening individual components/brush marks. I wanted these printed larger than the boards they were going on so that I could wrap the images around them. I am quite keen on these as objects – like wild ink drawings – and have yet to decide whether I will take them much further or create a second set of blocks which will be painted onto as well.

The abstraction of what was much more obvious imagery appeals. The boards each come from a different drawing or painting and they retain much of the style and treatment (brush mark, dynamism etc) whilst having been cropped and converted to this minimal palette.

I am enjoying this project and can see that it has much potential.


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