Exploratory Challenges

I have only spent one hour working on this piece, and already it is testing me!

exp project 3

So, I have taken my dining table apart. I did this for two reasons. Firstly to COMMIT to my ‘studio’ being a room of Art, and not a room for dinner parties. Secondly because I thought I could up-cycle the wood by turning it into pieces which I could experiment on. This seemed to me the perfect resolution. People have since looked at me with wild eyes: “but …what will you EAT on?” they have cried, as though we will cease to dine at all. The brutal truth of the matter is that we are clearly not civilised enough to eat at the dining table, and in any case it has always been buried under piles of stuff. Not artwork necessarily, just stuff. So, clearing this all out was about having a life-laundry session in the room which simply has to become (unapologetically) my studio space. BUT, it appears I am not strong enough to push a jigsaw through the table, so, whilst considering my options (axes have been included in my mental list) I have decided to start my experimentation on some MDF.

And just LOOK at the colour.

exp project 2

Yes, I, (lover of bright pink, radiant yellow and sky blues) have mixed a shade of Dark which can only be compared to ……liquid tyres, deadly swamp, creamy tar, dusty bin-bag. It is intoxicatingly heavy, but the opposite of what I lean towards. Gone are the subtle flecks of light; fluttery leaf against windy sky. Replaced by HEAVY solid mass. I am reminded of how I felt when I first drove my car on country lanes in Norfolk and realised that when looking in the rear view mirror one was only met by a terrifying abyss. I am plagued with thoughts about how nice it will be as a base to work on with pretty hills and branches; NO! I have become a dual personality congratulating myself on how to rescue this catastrophe, whilst simultaneously feeling excited by the prospect of developing my own work well out of my comfort zone.

exp project 1


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