Painting the Journey


These little fragments are going to illustrate the journey and ideas associated with my work and research. I decided to work on multiple hexagonal tiles in addition to pieces of tiles. I cut these from porcelain clay and fired them. Having done so I placed them together and glazed them, working freely across the surface. The glazes appear quite dark but will fire much lighter overall. I liked the edges particularly, where they are only fragments. And there are some sections which are not part of the whole but become their own independent ‘island’. The point of this piece is that after it has has been through the glaze firing, I will illustrate each piece with design or text associated with and connected to the journey I am studying – specifically elements of Abstract Painting.


The tiles prior to glazing.


I numbered the tiles on the back so that I knew which order to put them back in. This one is something to do with Life, The Universe, and ….everything!


In the kiln the tiles became disorganised again, but this lack of continuity within the arrangement is also effective in a different way.


Independent of each other, each tile becomes a small painting, unique and entire.


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