Broken Portraits – the mask of paint.

DSC_0812~2 DSC_0829~2

I am very conscious of the connections between my body canvas paintings and the sculptural work I was doing a few months ago. Perhaps I am trying to express similar emotions; something which the body is unable to show externally whilst the face remains neutral; thought, feeling, psychological well being. I am aware that the paint can be quite brutal; that it can appear a very ‘damaging’ mask. There lies an inherent problem with exposing, that in doing so, one is also simultaneously concealing. The paint, which should be expressing something inner, perhaps darker, inevitably also hides. It is both a canvas for expressing my painting, and a cloak, disguising the model. How interesting though that all the models I have used so far have been delighted with the results. As in my last post, I remain interested in the dynamics of the model becoming the object; in this case a canvas. Not a blank canvas, of course, but then that is what makes it so interesting!

I have lots more volunteers lined up waiting to be painted. This is becoming something slightly addictive.


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