Making Day


When the day is designed to help you MAKE….it is necessary to crack on with it. And what a delight to be not just encouraged but instructed to make. To be sharing throughout the day with other artists; sharing ideas and progress. And what bliss to engage with materials and to relax into processes. The day finished at 5pm but I carried on well past this time. The work remains incomplete but it is developing. I started with a simple wire armature, inspired by the work of Henry Moore and his semi-abstract figures. I wanted mine to suggest figures and be instantly recognisable from certain viewpoints. At the same time, I was enjoying the fact that one section could be two things simultaneously; a figure leaning backwards, or the leg of another figure swinging upwards. It felt very natural. I became absorbed in the work and enjoyed working intuitively, without a formal plan. Having said that, whilst working I was reminded of a sketch from the Summer. It occurred to me that I had in fact been sculpting from a design.


Em Armature





Sketch from the summer – clearly still active in my subconscious:



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