Pageantry of Vanity


The American rapper Prince Ea produced a moving spoken word video questioning the use of contemporary and emerging media and I was particularly moved by the following sentence:

“I’m so tired of performing in a pageantry of vanity and conforming to this accepted form of digital insanity”

Can we auto-correct Humanity?

As an Artist my world is visual and my opportunity to reach viewers has expanded because of social media and the internet. Therefore I am interested in the use and development of this arena. I noted in my last post an interest in people taking ‘selfies’ in front of works of art in galleries in Paris. In the same week I was wearing a pig head whilst walking around London. The issue of vanity and how we represent ourselves is ever-changing because of the option to upload and share instantly. In some recent sculpture I was exploring the reconstruction of the work in clay which had been pulled apart removing it from a mould. I then used a glaze which would give the surface the effect of being diseased. I found great pleasure in working on this piece; perhaps due to the ability to explore and evolve from what was a realistic face. The outcome is disturbing and simultaneously beautiful. It is death and decay but equally something of a ‘dance’ with the features; a twisting and morphing. It reminded me of the work of Francis Bacon:

Bacon Three Studies for a Self Portrait Bacon Portrait of Michel Leris

Three Studies for a Self Portrait, Portrait of Michel Les

Bacon A Portrait of Lucian Freud

Portrait of Lucian Freud


screwed3 Screwed

What does it say about me, or about my evolving ideas – is there an element of the self-portrait in this work, and if not, how can I start to work in this direction? There are plans in development for a new project which looks at three key words: Frame, Focus and Fracture. Exploring is such an essential part of Art.


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