There may be many reasons for walking around with a pig’s head on in London. Ok, I am struggling to think of them. But in terms of a response to the line “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” [Orwell], it seemed appropriate. There are huge inequalities in society and this is something which I wanted to respond to in a literal and visual way. This will inevitably become something much more subtle, muted, working in deep and meaningful layers of mystery and metaphor. But initially I wanted to explore the functionality of a simple pig’s head, taking it on our travels and wearing it in public. I was interested in the public response and mostly this was very positive. They thought it might be a publicity stunt or that we were simply being silly. There did not seem to be any upset caused although I was conscious that what looked from a distance like a severed animal head could be deemed inappropriate and may have been disapproved of by some. This reminded me that in a world of such rich and varied cultures and experiences, the meaning set aside for anything visual can be read and interpreted so  widely, that it would be almost impossible for everyone to gain a similar insight. For example, those who have not read Animal Farm, or Lord of the Flies, those who do not eat pork or feel the pig is the more scared of animals, those who are vegetarians or protest against animal cruelty; all of these groups and many others may have had a very different reaction to our expedition. These are a few examples of the outcome.

Big Ben  Fabric

Street   Art


Train Pig  Statuette



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