Inspired by this land

A trip to Norfolk and a few days exploring the Kent countryside and I am painting every day.


Norfolk Pregnant Sky   11 x 7 inches  Mixed media on paper


St Catherine’s Fort, Castle Beach, Tenby.  11 x 7 inches  Mixed media on paper


Cherries   11 x 7 inches  Mixed media on paper


7 x 7 inches  Mixed media on paper

These memories of places (real and imagined) feel comfortably intuitive and I am relaxing into the sense of developing designs on smaller scale prior to working on canvas. They evolve through multiple layers and this allows them to have a genuine sense of depth, as well as the colour bringing different areas forward. There is such pleasure in working with these bright colours and dynamic tones. It reminds me of the work of Michael Forster who I have been a huge fan of for many years.

“It requires effort to see how simple is the painters’ art. He has no dependence upon language. He is not a story teller, his picture needs no crutch of words. His is an expression that includes all feelings, all experiencing. He works neither from memory nor from passion that has cooled but simultaneously with the actual experience.” Michael Forster


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