The Autumn Sky


There is something quite breathtaking about Autumn, with a chill in the air which the light seems to bounce off, shimmering in a variety of ways which are exclusive to this time of year. I am always mesmerized by the clouds, and must be rather a dangerous driver whenever the skyline is dramatic. I recently stopped the car on a journey between Ipswich and Kent to take this photograph. The clouds weren’t nearly as dramatic as they had been about ten miles before I managed to find a suitable place to pull in, however the purity of the light was what drew me to them. I am hoping to use this image as a large poster-sized base layer for a painting, on which I will work. I like the idea of building artificial light onto this naturally beautiful scene. There is a contradiction in this which appeals to my rebellious side.

I am equally aware of how my admiration of the changes happening around me in nature are affecting the way I work, and have been developing works on paper as studies building towards a design for a larger painting. The following images have been completed in the last few days:


Parts of Me    11 x 7 inches


In The Afternoon    5 x 5 inches


Tears of the Autumn Sun    11 x 7 inches

I am particularly fond of the last image, ‘Tears of the Autumn Sun’. This was developed in successive layers and with consideration of playing with imagery in a way which I do not normally work. I was conscious whilst developing it that I was perhaps moving slightly away from the more obviously figure based or literal landscapes and was giving myself permission to be playful with the image, exploring mark-making and colour combinations. I was pleased with the result. I am planning to continue working on small paintings for the time-being and look towards starting a series of larger paintings by late November.


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