I am finding inspiration from a range of different places at the moment. Looking at Bruce McLean’s collage style paintings has given me some ideas about the layering of imagery and potential for bringing multiple items into a work. I have been considering how the imagery I want to use could be made more translucent, a suggestion or nod to a theme, rather than exploring it explicitly or too literally.

A Pavilion for Parliament Bruce McLean



Bruce McLean 1





Bruce mcLeane2

The generation game of sculpture, a cuddly toy, a ….no I’ve said that, 2010, oil on canvas, 250 x 360 cm, © Bruce McLean

(All images above Bruce McLean)

The piece above reminds me of the study I did recently of twisted figures. (below)


There is a sense of it being almost a ‘dance’ or a gathering. Certainly something choreographed. And has left me thinking both about the space with figures are within, and their characteristics.

I have also been looking at the drawings of Louise Bourgeois particularly for that sense of immediacy and dynamism.

Louise Bourgeois   LB2

The simplicity and expression of these drawings draws me in, without there being a requirement for precision, depth or many of the formal qualities which we are familiar with in studies. They are simple and structured whilst also unique and immediate. The studies I created (below) in response to these Bourgeois images have been described as ‘sculptural’ by my MA cohort. Getting new inspiration from tutors and peers is allowing me to look in different directions in terms of my own work.

P1050004 P1050003 P1050001


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